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Under Performing to Highly Productive

When team members get frustrated they often revert to unproductive behavior. Although it’s not easy, there are simple ways to minimize these reactions if you adeptly respond as they occur.

Have you made significant changes and results still won’t budge?

We see so many leaders given nearly impossible goals with the challenge of getting buy-in from their team. Our specialty is working beside you to generate new levels of team productivity and performance so you can achieve your aggressive business goals and retain top performers.

Do you know the hidden costs of unproductive behavior?

One of the most difficult issues leaders face is how to inspire productive behaviors and how to reduce unproductive ones. We can help you calculate the hidden costs of unproductive behaviors using your assumptions and data.

Together, we examine whether these costs warrant a coaching program. The calculations of your assumptions and data will demonstrate how much time it will take to generate a return on your investment.

Do you recognize any of these unproductive behaviors on your team?

–Refusing to delegate or involve the right people
Working on non-priority or non-approved tasks
Arguing and taking adversarial positions
Taking actions that benefit one person at the expense of others
Procrastinating and avoiding tough decisions
Spending addition time communicating because they missed a deadline
Under performing and needing to revise work tasks again and again
Describing why things aren’t going well and placing blame
Sending emails to rationalize a decision or to avoid communicating in person
Wasting time by being perpetually late for work or meetings
Texting, web surfing or engaging in social media

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Identify the hidden costs of unproductive behaviors on your team. Determine a return on investment based on the reality of your current situation. Get immediate feedback and benefit from another perspective. Gain clarity, receive a new idea or identify actions to take. Don’t wait to see what happens, take action today.

Return on Investment

The Touchstone Mastery program is designed to produce a return on investment by:

  • Clarifying financial and non-financial objectives
  • Reducing unproductive behaviors
  • Tracking performance measures
  • Managing work tasks
  • Improving working relationships
  • Implementing best practices

Your return on investment is generated by increases in:

  • Profitability with improvements in productivity
  • Retention of top performers with higher job satisfaction
  • Revenue with time dedicated to new business opportunities

You will be assigned a Team Productivity Coach during the implementation phase of the Touchstone Mastery program. Your coach offers relevant training and coaching precisely when the team needs to overcome specific work challenges or produce greater levels of productivity to accomplish quality work, on time and within budget. Team development occurs during the regular course of business.

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Client List


For a more detailed look at our work, review the Team Productivity Case Studies.

Touchstone Mastery Program

The Touchstone Mastery program is designed to increase your team’s performance and produce positive financial and non-financial results. There are two program components.

Phase I:  The Courageous Leader

The first phase focuses on the leader of the team. The purpose of this step is to create clarity and consistency in objectives, intentions and measures so that communication with the team is crystal clear.

You’ll choose the best ways for you to improve productivity and produce more consistent results given your unique environment and culture. Learn more about the The Courageous Leader program.

Phase II:  Orchestrating Team Productivity

The second phase includes both you and your team. The purpose of this step is to develop a high-performing team that creates results in alignment with its objectives, intentions and measures.

Results will be achieved as the team members work toward their objectives. A Team Productivity Coach will be assigned a functioning role on your team and be there to provide insight, coaching and training relevant to the work. Learn more about the  Orchestrating Team Productivity program.

Woman ConductorThe Courageous Leader

Master the People Side of Productivity.

The courageous leader is like an orchestra conductor who calls forth the power and beauty of the music it performs. Each performance is different and it’s the job of the conductor to evoke the perfect blending of individual and collective talent.

This program incorporates what you need to achieve aggressive business goals through a significant improvement in team productivity and performance.

In the first phase of the program, you receive written recommendations for solutions that address your immediate business needs and longer-term financial objectives. We identify productivity drivers that are in place and ones that need to be developed.

During this four-session series, we will work with you to:

      • Clarify your goals, objectives and priorities
      • Identify ways to address unproductive behaviors
      • Determine measures that will inspire accountability
      • Establish criteria you’ll use to make major decisions
      • Create a team development plan

This program also offers a valuable opportunity for you to develop your leadership skills as you work toward achieving your team’s goals and objectives. It’s a results-focused development program facilitated by former leaders and managers who know what it’s like to face difficult business challenges, employee issues and continue to produce results.

The Courageous Leader phase of the program includes:

      • 4 one-and-a-half hour working sessions
      • Unproductive Behavior Assessment
      • Team Performance Plan
      • Team Productivity Measures
      • Decision Matrix for Prioritizing Work

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Review our Client List. You can also check out what other clients have had to say in Testimonials.

mr-symphonic-orchestra-perform-22232416Orchestrating Team Productivity

Get your Team On Board to Own its Results.

The second phase of the program is designed to guide talented individuals how to work effectively as a team. It is a productive way to develop your team’s ability to perform and own their results.

You will be assigned a Team Productivity Coach for up to 20 hours a week. They will be accountable for achieving a tangible business objective and for developing team performance and productivity. Often times, our coaches assume project leadership, meeting facilitation or other management responsibilities.

The coach will work with your team until the objectives and measures established in the performance plan are achieved. The coaches will focus on the specific development areas identified in the Team Performance Plan. Team development may be needed within the following categories:

      • CLARITY:  Vision, Mission, Goals, Decision Making, Measures, Agreements, Values
      • CONNECTION:  Trust, Communication, Engagement, Acknowledgement, Personal Responsibility, Tolerance and Respect, Celebration
      • CONTRIBUTION:  Strengths, Accountability, Best Practices, Development, Innovation, Structures, Initiative, Influence

The Team Productivity Coach is a valuable contributor to your business goals. You will experience a renewed enthusiasm for your leadership responsibilities as your team takes ownership for producing results in alignment with your financial and non-financial objectives. As your team gains momentum, you’ll also be pleased with how much easier it is to attract and retain top performers.

PTP_2445_5x5_320px_Linked_InReview what one team member reported on an anonymous survey about Doreen Johnson as a Team Productivity Coach:

“Doreen has managed to do something no one else has ever achieved with our team. Many times, in the business world, “community building exercises” and similar business-speak double-talk is nothing more than talk. In her hands, it has taken on a reality that I am proud to be involved with. It is with her skill and dedication that my own cynicism has started to melt. She brings me hope that we can succeed in changing not only our business, but ourselves, for the better.”

The Orchestrating Team Productivity phase of the program includes:

      • Up to 20 hours per week with the Team Productivity Coach
      • Unproductive Behavior Progress Updates
      • Team Performance Plan Reporting
      • Team Productivity Reporting

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Case Studies

Regional Utilities Company

Objective: Develop and implement an enterprise-wide global record and information management (RIM) system.

      • Increased team productivity by 40%
      • Reduced consulting fees by 65%

Results were achieved by:

      1. Developing an implementation plan for clarity and accountability
      2. Improving project management to streamline processes, reporting and communications
      3. Increasing team performance with trust building, accountability training and individual coaching

Interactive Software Development Division

Objective: Increase profitability, improve productivity and manage significant increases in revenue.

      • Increased profitability from 0% to 20% as revenues increased from $1.8 to $3 million
      • Division was sold to an international marketing firm

Results were achieved by:

      1. Establishing operational systems to simplify and replicate best practices across projects and clients
      2. Developing the project management skills of project managers and video producers
      3. Increasing team performance with measures, training, individual development and coaching