HeartFlow programs celebrate the journey of your True Nature.

Learn how to be the fullest expression of your true nature under any circumstance. Embrace your most precious and passionate dreams with an intuitive activation process called HeartFlow Creation.

HeartFlow Transformation

Develop a new-found freedom, greater fulfillment and prosperity.

The one-year HeartFlow program offers a unique opportunity to connect with your passion and purpose in substantive and intuitive learning environments. I invite you to consider how this program could change your life in unexpected and miraculous ways.

The HeartFlow program includes many opportunities to explore authenticity and the truth of what we need and want now and in the future. Often times, we may hold back parts of ourselves that long to speak freely, to be seen and heard. When we have the courage to reveal what is most precious to us and our words are honored in a caring way, small miracles occur. In the HeartFlow program, there is ample opportunity to practice in a variety of safe and nurturing learning experiences.

  • Do you make daily decisions that enable you to play full out?
  • Do you let your most precious dreams consistently fall to the back burner?
  • Are you ready to learn how to choose the way you experience your life?
  • Do you wish that you could freely express your wants and needs?
  • Are you willing to stay on course to manifest your intentions?
  • Is it time to nurture self-trust, self-compassion and self-expression?

Explore the nature of joy and fulfillment in an intimate and powerful group of co-creators. Anticipate the magic of being guided by the wisdom of your still small voice. Discover the inner strength that arises when you are fully supported in a committed group of co-creators. Claim the power of authentically expressing your values and passions with your unique gifts and talents.

Paula B. from the 2012 HeartFlow Program relates her experience: “This program has been a gift to me as I worked through my relationship with my mom. The breakthrough has created more ease in all of my relationships. It’s like I have a little secret from my girlfriends who aren’t involved in this kind of intimate conversation. My “Dream Team” has allowed me to be vulnerable enough to get to know the real me.

Marcie S. from the 2013 Program shares what she valued about her experience:  The HeartFlow Program was an incredible journey of self-discovery.  Throughout the year, we explored various facets of our emotional, intellectual and spiritual selves, guided by the HeartFlow Creation Process.  For me, the most inspiring conversations centered around the questions “Who am I?” and “What is mine to do?”.  The question and criteria of my powerful personal Decision Matrix continue to inform and contribute to my personal and professional paths.  When you’re ready to truly meet yourself with complete vulnerability, join the HeartFlow Program.

Natalie Rae of the 2013 Program outlines what she experienced and gained from the program. The HeartFlow program far exceeded my expectations in ways I would not have anticipated. I believe it saved my life. I finally met someone in Doreen who was smart enough and kind enough to see past my fear and understand my heart.

The program had structure and flexibility so there was a path to follow and the participants had influence on the path. That was very useful. It meant the program adjusted to the rate of growth and needs of the group. I spent a lot of time not feeling I could ever find the kind of support and guidance and encouragement that could really move me past the loss, fear, and defeat I felt in my life. Even though I knew I had great talent and an important purpose I couldn’t seem to access it in a consistent way to create the impact I wanted my life to have. Doreen’s deep intuition and ability to help me move past all kinds of obstacles has meant I made several major changes in my life. 

I moved to a new home with relatives that accommodates the kind of home life and work life I want. I created a clear and compelling business with amazing collaborators. I created a passive line of income that is giving me a financial foundation. This isn’t about making a few changes the Heart Flow program truly is a life transformation. Gather up your courage and go for it!

The HeartFlow Program offers a unique opportunity to connect with your passion and purpose over the course of an entire year in substantive and intuitive learning environments. You will receive:

  • Clarity about your personal values, passions and life’s dream
  • Confidence about making choices that generate greater fulfillment and prosperity
  • Support in breaking patterns that limit the realization of your dreams and lifestyle
  • Encouragement to express yourself and to celebrate your greatness
  • Practice in being mindful under any circumstance

The year-long program includes:

  • Two Retreats
  • 10 Two-Hour Monthly Gatherings
  • 24 One-Hour Teleconference Check-In Calls
  • 4 Two-Hour Coaching Sessions
  • Inspiration Buddies

This is the right personal development program for you if you value authenticity, trust, peace of mind, creativity, self-expression, personal growth, mindfulness and wisdom. It will address issues related to challenging relationships, loneliness, overwhelm, bouts of depression, controlling behaviors, procrastination or an inability to speak up for your needs.

Doreen Johnson is your program facilitator and coach. She is committed to supporting you in improving your connection with your personal power. Doreen’s experience participating in transformational development programs, public education, corporate training and development and designing self-improvement programs gives her the wisdom she needs to support you in creating what matters most to you.

Contact Doreen to discuss the HeartFlow Program.

The investment for this one-year program is $7,800. If you bring a friend, you can purchase one package for $7,800 and the second one for $4,800. Discounts are available for paying for the entire program at the time of registration.

To register for the HeartFlow Program monthly payment program, use the options below:

Payment Options

HeartFlow Guidance

If you need for intuitive guidance regarding your relationship to yourself, friends and family or your community, consider an individual session or a package of sessions with Doreen Johnson.

Contact us to schedule an appointment. If you prefer to meet at Doreen’s office, please let us know when scheduling.

Please pay for phone sessions and packages prior to scheduling an appointment. Many blessings.

For a Phone Session . . . $50 for 30 minutes and $90 for 60 minutes:

Call Length

For a Phone Package of 6 hours at $449 that can be used for one year following payment (Sessions can be a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 1.5 hours):