New Beginnings: The Nature of Transition

Receive inspiration and encouragement following a life changing loss or illness. Learn how to create greater fulfillment in your life by understanding the nature of transitions, the cycles of creation that serve as endings to one way of being and beginnings to another.

Doreen TreesDoreen Johnson’s uplifting and inspirational stories encourage you to express yourself freely and connect with what matters most to you. She illustrates how you can view loss as a doorway to new perspectives and an opportunity to better express your personal values and passions.

Listen to Doreen’s personal stories and the songs. She has journeyed with a number of losses that gave her the opportunity to consciously create the next chapter of her life. She has experienced incest, rape, death of a beloved, divorce, job loss and financial difficulties. Doreen believes that each of these chapters presented another opportunity to create a fulfilling life on purpose.

This is an interactive presentation. Discover how awareness, surrender and support facilitate personal discovery and clarity about who you are, what is yours to do and how you choose to experience your life.

Listen to two of Doreen’s songs:

River Dreams

The Weaver

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New Program Soon

RiverDreams_title_webThe River Dreams program presenting Doreen Johnson’s original songs and stories at the May 10, 2015 Celebration Ceremony in Linden Hills, Minnesota was recorded. Doreen is working on developing the audio program for release within the next couple of months. Stay tuned!

Rehearsing with Chad