Become a Homing Device for Inspiring Opportunities

Making important decisions that affect your future is a wonderful opportunity to dig deep and identify what really matters most to you. Life decisions such as a career transition, a move to a new home or a shift into retirement […]


Walk a Mile in My Shoes . . . Intuition and Relationships

Empathy is a wonderful gift to offer your friends and family. Take a moment to remember the last time you were frustrated with a loved one. How easy was it to be empathetic? What we need in times like these […]


The Practical Side of Intuition

Intuition is a powerful tool for strengthening relationships, achieving success and creating vitality. Although this is true, most of us haven’t been taught or encouraged to practice and develop our intuitive abilities. I love teaching men and women how to […]

Circle of Stones

Who Am I Sequence

During the Mayan Calendar event hosted by Resonance at the University of Minnesota, PeleRouge and FireHawk offered a sequence of questions that open a deeper look at who we are and our purpose. The four questions are: –Who Am I? […]


Awakening the Dream

Click on the audio link to listen to Doreen Johnson tell the story.   My walk at Pike Island was a personal ceremony of awakening. It was a celebration of love and oneness. It was raining when I arrived and […]