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Become a Homing Device for Inspiring Opportunities

Making important decisions that affect your future is a wonderful opportunity to dig deep and identify what really matters most to you. Life decisions such as a career transition, a move to a new home or a shift into retirement […]


Walk a Mile in My Shoes . . . Intuition and Relationships

Empathy is a wonderful gift to offer your friends and family. Take a moment to remember the last time you were frustrated with a loved one. How easy was it to be empathetic? What we need in times like these […]


The Practical Side of Intuition

Intuition is a powerful tool for strengthening relationships, achieving success and creating vitality. Although this is true, most of us haven’t been taught or encouraged to practice and develop our intuitive abilities. I love teaching men and women how to […]

Circle of Stones

Who Am I Sequence

During the Mayan Calendar event hosted by Resonance at the University of Minnesota, PeleRouge and FireHawk offered a sequence of questions that open a deeper look at who we are and our purpose. The four questions are: –Who Am I? […]


Awakening the Dream

Click on the audio link to listen to Doreen Johnson tell the story.   My walk at Pike Island was a personal ceremony of awakening. It was a celebration of love and oneness. It was raining when I arrived and […]

What patterns can you surrender that hold you back from your greatness?

During our Authentic Voice class we discovered patterns that hold us back from our greatness. We looked at how underlying beliefs create a silent and powerful unconscious habit of reacting to life experiences. And, we struggle with results that are […]


Boundaries and Barriers

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks considering the difference between boundaries and barriers. As I was exploring, I saw a distinction that fascinated me. It offered that boundaries were actions we took that created more effective communication and connection. […]


Be a Pot Stirrer in your Own Life

Think Master Chef, Not Rabble Rouser. I was invited to an outdoor gathering on the banks of the St. Croix river. The trees were decked out with vibrant gold, orange and red blankets. On a brisk September morning, our facilitator […]


What is needed to honor my choices and the choices of others without judgment?

I first explored this question when I was in a two-year training program with my learning partner. It was amazing how much it opened our awareness to our responses to our decision and those of others. I found that I […]


Trust and Relationships

Trust is a familiar topic in personal and professional relationships. I’ve spent most of my adult life exploring how to nurture and build trust. We often talk about whether we trust someone or not. We speak about it like a […]