Become a Homing Device for Inspiring Opportunities

Josephine-Witch-Tree-Making important decisions that affect your future is a wonderful opportunity to dig deep and identify what really matters most to you. Life decisions such as a career transition, a move to a new home or a shift into retirement are challenging experiences for most people. Because the decision generally includes other people and affects a number of primary relationships, it sometimes can be difficult to determine what matters to you. We are often times overly influenced by those around us.

It is challenging to identify the criteria we want to consider when making major decisions because there are so many factors to consider. Most of us are used to generating lists of pros and cons but we don’t really know the criteria we’re using to make a decision. Many of us have also created unconscious “filters” about what is and isn’t possible given our current situation even before we start looking for options. That’s where a guide can come in handy.

An important first step in the process is to allow all of what matters to surface. This process of discovery is an enjoyable and uplifting experience. And, the final step within discovery is to collaborate on creating a question that best represents the essence of what matters most. This step is a miraculous opening to what inspires you to take productive action. Our brains are looking for an intriguing and inspiring question to set us on our way. Our hearts yearn for a question that provides the meaning and fulfillment that we want to generate now and in the future.

When we craft the question that resonates with us, it creates renewed enthusiasm and vitality. This enthusiasm is like a homing device for options that are magnificent answers to our question.

I had two colleagues help me create my question during a retreat on the North Shore. It is a life direction question that reminds me every day of my focus and intention. It opened a whole new territory of options for me as I became a homing device for all that I wanted to create. My question is: “What inspires me to tune into the clarity of my heart?

The question is the start of an exciting journey of being more aligned with what really matters as you manifest what you most want to create. I can’t wait to help you generate your question; the one that taps into your enthusiasm and inspires the actions that lead to the momentum you need to write the next chapter of your life on purpose.

6 Responses to “Become a Homing Device for Inspiring Opportunities”
  1. 01.31.2014

    Doreen– This is an elegant and powerful piece. Thanks for putting it out! Warm blessings to you, Thea

    • Doreen Johnson

      Thank you, Thea. Wishing you well in this blessed KIVA season.

  2. 02.07.2014


    You are truly a master of crafting questions that ignite deeper thinking and inspired ideas!

    • Doreen Johnson

      Thanks, Nicola . . . good to hear from you!

  3. Barbara Richied

    I love this article Doreen. It really is hard to filter out the desires of other people, and our response to them. It requires such focus… or maybe letting go of things.

    • Doreen Johnson

      Yes, it is challenging to be quiet enough to listen for what is being called forth within yourself without outside influence. Thanks for your comment!

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