Walk a Mile in My Shoes . . . Intuition and Relationships

Empathy is a wonderful gift to offer your friends and family. Take a moment to remember the last time you were frustrated with a loved one. How easy was it to be empathetic?

What we need in times like these is to expand our viewpoint and speak from the heart. However, most often we operate from our own perspective. We fall into habitual and unconscious patterns buoyed by our attitudes, opinions and beliefs. And, so do the people we love.

Intuition is a powerful tool to shift patterns that tend to create conflict and separation. When I was young, I remember hearing people say, “Walk a mile in my shoes.” I wasn’t quite sure what they meant but I knew they were asking me to be more understanding about their issues and circumstances.

Our sixth sense of intuition offers the perfect way to step into the shoes of another and experience what it’s like to operate from their perspective. This is a relatively easy skill to learn. It requires presence, a curiosity about the other person and the ability to observe without judgment. And, it’s a wonderful practice that calls forth a greater capacity for love and compassion.

The most challenging relationships are often the ones that are the most precious to us. When my coaching clients use intuition to experience the other person’s perspective, they experience an inner knowing that brings forth more empathy and connection. Often times, this experience heals much of what triggers unconscious habits and causes difficulty in the relationship.

When we demonstrate loving kindness, there is magic in the effortless way that patterns shift and habits change. The heart opens and guides our words and actions as we courageously choose to be more vulnerable, compassionate and trusting. And that’s what it takes to grow and nurture relationships.

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