The Practical Side of Intuition

Intuition is a powerful tool for strengthening relationships, achieving success and creating vitality. Although this is true, most of us haven’t been taught or encouraged to practice and develop our intuitive abilities.

I love teaching men and women how to access, activate and apply their inner knowing. Generally, men refer to this ability as “instinct” or a “gut reaction.” Women tend to refer to it as intuition. Regardless of what you call it, it’s readily accessible to everyone.  Although there are many ways to apply your intuition, I’m most passionate about teaching people how to use it every day on issues and experiences that matter most in their lives.E

ach morning, I tap into my inner wisdom. Sometimes I ask if there is anything I need to know that may help me create my goals and intentions more effectively.

One day I heard that it would be good to have my daughter take our family cats to her new apartment. She was a senior in college as I was selling my home. Just the thought of having the cats and my daughter leave at the same time brought me to tears. I could feel the depth of my grief and the wisdom of this choice simultaneously.

I called my daughter that afternoon to ask if she would enjoy having the cats in her apartment. She was elated. I cried when they left for school on Labor Day. A part of me wondered if I had made the right decision. So I asked for a sign from life to reassure me.

As I drove on the bluff by the river, a bald eagle flew toward me and passed directly over my car. The eagle has been a powerful messenger to me in the past and I was blessed once again with the awe and wonder of the connection.

Join an intuition class to discover ways to resolve conflict, build more positive relationships, make life decisions and heal emotional wounds that negatively affect your well being. Be inspired to create more meaning and fulfillment with a greater knowing of your true nature and personal power.

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