Who Am I Sequence

During the Mayan Calendar event hosted by Resonance at the University of Minnesota, PeleRouge and FireHawk offered a sequence of questions that open a deeper look at who we are and our purpose.

The four questions are:
–Who Am I?
–What is Mine to Do?
–Who are My People?
–How do I Choose to Live?

Here are the answers that flowed through me that evening.

I am a blessed daughter of Mother Life. I am the one who chooses love consciously, the one who decides what is life giving. I am in harmony with the Mother’s heartbeat. I Resonate with the universal energies to create a journey song of beauty and grace.

I call forth the generosity and compassion of the people in relationship to each other. I open my heart and am in harmony with what is in order to create a spirit home on earth for the people in remembrance of their sacred nature.

My companions of destiny include a wide spectrum of people who have the vision and willingness to face into their greatest fear in order to stand in their greatest personal power. They are committed to a whole-hearted and fully embodied vitality and resonance with One Source.

I choose to live every day as if it is my last. I honor every moment as precious. I patiently and compassionately open my heart to the experiences and interactions that I call forth. i see life as “no accident” and perfect in all its forms and structures. I choose joy!

2 Responses to “Who Am I Sequence”
  1. 04.17.2011

    I love your ideas! Your four questions, along with Miguel Ruiz’s four agreements, offer a pretty complete road map to a happier, more wonder-filled life. Thanks not just for the questions, but for your examples of thoughtful, courageous answers. I’d like to call myself one of “your people.”

    • Doreen Johnson

      Thank you for your comment, Jeffrey. I appreciate that the timing aligned with a powerful full moon. I also love Ruiz’s four agreements as a wonderful compass.

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