Awakening the Dream

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My walk at Pike Island was a personal ceremony of awakening. It was a celebration of love and oneness. It was raining when I arrived and there was only one other vehicle in the parking lot. I put on my rain coat and grabbed an umbrella from the car.

I walked to the monument honoring the Native Americans who were interred and killed in 1862. I looked at the structure and observed the arrow-shaped granite stone pointing to the center that housed a round and engraved pipestone. This was a remembrance of the grieving and injustice of the conflict, the clash of two peoples with different intentions and values.

Instead of walking toward the island, I found myself called to a circle of stakes further in the woods. I sang the 20 Count to call forth the universal energies. At “Sacred Stars,” I wept. I could feel that whatever we do to ourselves and to one another is experienced by all beings. When we imprison and kill others, a part of ourselves is isolated and cut off. When we are the victims of injustice and choose to remain in a state of fear, anger or despair we also create separation.

I could feel a powerful connection with the men who had given their lives. I replaced some of the altar pieces that were once at the center of the circle and cleared away the weeds and branches. I began to walk slowly around the outside of the stakes. I noticed that some were missing. I gathered up the stakes that had been displaced during the spring flooding and returned them to the circle.

I sang softly and walked slowly around and around the circle. I realized that it was time to heal the wounds of the past by calling myself present. We don’t serve life by dipping into our history to fuel our resentment. Nor do we serve by feeling guilty or ashamed about being on the “wrong side” of traumatic injustices. We serve life by creating harmony and beauty, directly relating to the truth of awareness and the exquisite design of our nature. With joy, gratitude, an open heart and with implicit trust in the limitless and abundant nature of life, it’s possible to create a heaven on earth . . . a safe respite with all of humanity.

Even though I was thoroughly soaked, I felt peaceful and resonated with these fundamental truths. I knew that my walk on Pike Island was an important way to listen to my calling. I imagined what it would be like to experience the full support of life beckoning me to declare my gifts and passion.

I entered the path toward the island after dropping off my glasses and umbrella. The rain felt good. It was cleansing and I fully received its blessing. I stated “All My Relations” as I walked among the trees. Then I stopped on the trail and lifted my arms and face to the sky. I received the full embrace of life and the raindrops felt like tears of joy.

I heard a voice speak, “You’re fully supported. You’re never alone. What do you need to claim your chosen path?”

I cried when I realized that I had never been alone. I was sad about the many times I chose to isolate myself because I was afraid, angry or ashamed. I asked for help in eliminating my debt, restoring my eyesight and helping me become more aware of my body’s wisdom. I asked for a supple body that is open to life and able to pleasure in all its sensations. I asked for my children to be guided in their dreaming and to benefit from the deepening of my dream.

I asked for a powerful man to walk with me on my journey, a beloved husband and spiritual partner. And, I asked for a community of people who spread the seeds of love and compassion, people who honor and welcome abundance just as nature supports so many beautiful and diverse expressions.

I felt free and open as I approached the bridge to the island. When I was standing in the middle of the bridge I heard, “You will never have to stand on the bridge alone. You will always be met half way. Your heart is open to the full spectrum of the rainbow. It is time to illuminate the truth of this wholeness with your Rainbow Group. It’s time to gather the people.”

When I stepped on to Pike Island, I was beginning to have some pain in my feet and knees. I was instructed to open to the healing of Mother Earth. I saw a turkey and geese with their little ones. I thought about the privilege of caring for one another, each generation adding its gift to life and passing it along to the children.

I walked around the bend and up the hill to a bench. As I sat down, I heard a voice say, “It’s time to gather the people to fulfill the dream you have to create a Spirit Home on Earth. This is the mission you hold in your heart. The community you attract is an inclusive life-enhancing group of people who have diverse practices, beliefs and gifts. You’ve come close to seeing this possibility many times and the timing of your invitation to the people is near.”

“The Summer Solstice will bring great clarity to the people. The first step is to write the vision, purpose and agreements for the community. You were gifted these messages from the 13 communities you gathered at the Arboretum for Creation Songs. There is no master, judge, priest or leader of this community. It advances each being as an integral part of the whole in his or her self-authority. Decisions are made in the highest good as each person surrenders to the truth and recognizes the deep resonance that exists in the beauty of full trust.”

“There will be seed planters of many varieties that will advance consciousness in practical ways. To accomplish this mission, you’ll ask the people to look into their hearts to see the many options for facilitating the work. Right now each person is too burdened and progress is slow. If you can find ways to free up the passions of each person to contribute to the well-being of the whole, much can be accomplished and the vitality, integrity and enthusiasm of the people will be enhanced.”

“It is time for the people to reconnect and gather at the fire. There will be fear about doing some of these things . . . lack of trust in the wholeness, scarcity thinking regarding my family, my children, my fear of “leaders” or of being powerless. All of these fears are important to surface and explore for they represent another step toward unification and awareness, the beauty and joy of life.”

“Physical proximity is essential as the community builds its trust and self-authority. Each member of this multi-faceted being has a unique gift that is essential to the well-being of the whole. It requires a whole-hearted commitment to the knowing that there is nothing to fear. There is no danger.”

“The reason you’ve been gifted an opportunity to touch so many lives is that the people need to be invited by someone they trust and respect. The people love you and honor your journey. We ask that you step into the light knowing that we support your work in whatever ways are necessary. All you need to do is to ask with an open heart as you connect fully with life.”

I was very peaceful. The words sounded like a beautiful lullaby. It felt like an awakening of something I had always known.

I began walking slowly along the path again. As I walked, I saw many deer and greeted each of them with joy and wonder. The birds were also very active and blessed me as I communed with nature. I began to listen again and heard; “Debra’s “qua-llaboration” is a new way to help people with big dreams. It involves a star seed group with practical skills and expertise to come together for a short time to seed the dream of many communities. It’s a way to help people spread their wings. The star seed group will have experience with many technologies . . . human, physical, computer, spiritual, organization, enlivening, healing, building, planning, celebrating, performing, nourishing, nurturing and teaching. A unique language is necessary to evoke the people to listen in new ways. There are many existing groups that will be instrumental in securing resources and funding. And, you’ll discover unique ways to generate income on behalf of the entire community so that the work can evolve with certainty and clarity.”

I considered these words as I walked and could feel the living organism that I’ve been describing in smaller versions for years. Its growth and expansion is inevitable because the momentum from the “life force” is created as we come together in the truth and take action with focused alignment.

The rain had created a soft pathway with a little give in it. I observed that I needed to allow for the natural slipping and sliding as I consciously took each step. I was dancing with life . . . no leading or following, just co-creating with each point of contact.

I stopped along the path to step into the dry center of a full grown tree. It was nice to be out of the rain. It smelled like a skunk had also spent some time in this tree. I felt the urge to look up and when I did, I saw a hollowed out part of another branch that allowed light into the area. It reminded me that we are all connected and that even when we seek shelter or “protection from” someone or something, we only block our awareness temporarily. The light is ever present.

I spotted a speckled stone on the ground and carried it in my hand as I headed toward the end of the island. There were many more deer just off the trail and into the woods. They were quiet, content and aware. It was wonderful to feel their gentle presence. I thought about the red cardinal on the earlier part of my journey as it sang so beautifully to me while I received the wisdom about my vision and Sacred Dream.

As I came to the end of the island, I chose to sit on the sandy beach at the water’s edge where the Mississippi and the Minnesota rivers flow together. I noticed how the rain drops fell upon the ripples in the river. The merging didn’t allow a distinction between the water that was rain and the water that was the river.

After an entire afternoon of clouds, I felt a bit of warmth shine through. The sun found its way to me on the beach while it continued to rain. I became aware that it’s always possible to create a “both/and” rather than a “this or that” experience. I could focus my attention almost exclusively on the rain and the wind, the sun or the effect of both of them at once. It was an amazing lesson about how many choices we make each day. Some choices are conscious and most are unconscious. I was in flow with life trusting that everything was in its perfect expression.

How easy it is to create when we aren’t interpreting, fighting against something or trying to change the way things are. When we’re “in tune” with ourselves we are in harmony with what is . . . we are one with life. I smiled at the simplicity and the mystery. And, I was grateful to fully experience this symphony of nature’s wisdom.

I began to walk back on the opposite side of the island. I felt very warm and open even though I was still really wet. I saw a big male turkey standing erect on a log in the dark of the woods. At first, it struck me as a bit eerie and then he just felt powerful and courageous.

The sun popped through and I stopped walking to receive a blessing. The breeze picked up. I turned toward a clearing near the river. The birds were singing and I felt the benevolence and acceptance of unconditional love. I heard words about the beauty of my compassion, loving spirit and willingness to serve life in my fullest expression. I heard how important it is to listen to all of the voices. There is no energy that can’t be transmuted into its natural light-filled form. It was so enriching to be seen and heard and to be embraced in love and light.

As I walked along the path, I came very close to a number of deer. A few stood on the path with me. Some came near me and watched me pass. Another group of deer were by the water and leapt across the path and into the woods.

My hips, knees and feet were pretty tender as I walked back and it also felt as if I could walk forever. I knew that I would be given the energy and strength to do whatever was needed. As I was contemplating this easy rhythm of one step after another, I heard a loud thumping sound. I had to look really carefully to spot the pileated woodpeckers in the distance. One flew up to its perch in the pine tree and the other was pecking away on a stump near the ground. It was lovely to see this pair working in harmony with one another. When I looked across the river I saw the steeple of St. Peter’s church in Mendota.

The path ahead was covered with a lot of sand from the spring’s flooding. I was much more aware of the path as I walked around the puddles of water. Just ahead I saw a man running on the trail. I remembered the importance of creating what we envision from a place of knowing, faith, self-authority, connection and humility. I thought about my intention to partner with a man, to live and dream together, to consciously create each day with love. The powerful one in me cried out to awaken this dream.

I rested on a bench at the crossroad of two trails. I thought about what I was being gifted and my willingness to receive it, to step into my wholeness. As I gazed into the woods, I saw a tree that had been stuck by lightning. It had two large red veins running the length of the trunk. It felt as though nature had created a way to reveal the soft underbelly of vulnerability. When we have the courage to be vulnerable, we are united with our Divine Nature and receive its unending gift of life.

As I started walking again, I saw a large tree stump. It was wet and slippery and very tall. I climbed on top of the stump. I spoke of my commitment to boldly call the people to their greatness, to assist them in claiming the wholeness of their spirits and their eternal connection to life. I felt jubilant and limitless. There were all possibilities and I was fully supported in my declaration. Nature and its beings witnessed my claiming. In my heart, I knew that it was already so.

Turning toward the bridge, I cried as I thought of the great teachers who have shared the most powerful words of praise, victory, gratitude, humility and honor. When I reached the middle of the bridge, I stopped to enjoy the sun stream through the clouds. I thought about how happy I was to experience a coming together of all aspects of me, of life on this island, in the world and within the vast and expansive universe.

I returned once again to the circle of stakes in the woods to express my appreciation for the wisdom and healing I received on my Medicine Walk. As I circled the stakes, I felt the heartbeat of the Mother gently welcome me Home.

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